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5 hours of your time, 15 hours of our time and a little help from AI, and you get an awesome website in a few weeks for just $1,500. 

How it works

This product was designed for customers who are completely lost, or don’t have time to spend on a website–but ultimately understand how bad they need it. Our Quicksite starts with a quick 30 min welcome call where we establish goals, likes/dislikes, obtain domain info and start tracking down content. From there, you will meet with a designer for two hours to create a mood board, create a brand guide, create a wireframe, and select a theme. Then, we build your site. On your third meeting we will spend 2 hours with you to revise the site to your liking and get a final approval so we can publish! It’s that easy. And if you need more sessions- no problem, additional working sessions are available for purchase. 

Starting at $1,500


-Welcome call + 2 sessions

-Landing Page Website built with WordPress/Elementor Kit

-AI Copywriting



Human Copywriting

SEO/Speed Optimization

Additional Sessions/Pages




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